Find out what is working for your top competitors, and do more than that. Through a thorough competitor research analysis, we're able to uncover behind-the-scenes data of your top performing competitors and use the insights to build profitable online marketing campaigns right from the beginning.

Morse Code provides you with reports of your competitor's profitable keyword, opening doors of opportunities for your brand to gain a better competitiveness in the market, pinpoint high-converting ad and landing page copy, dissect competitor content strategies, audit backlink profiles, identify new site monetization opportunities, track metrics in real-time...and so much more.

Develop perfect content and advertising strategies based on our reports. It's time to be the game-changers in your field.

Types of reports

Site SEO Audit | Position Tracking | Organic & Paid Search | Keywords | Backlinks | Brand / Keyword Monitoring

Content here changes according to report type clicked. Shows 'Site SEO Audit' Report by default:

Site Audit Reports will help analyse our client’s website and find areas of improvement to help make our client’s website more accessible for search engine robots.

Check on website’s health through:

Optimising internal and external links
Locate missing tags
Find error and duplicated pages
Identify images, titles, meta tags and other problems blocking our client’s SEO progress

Prioritising issues according to urgency - correct the problem that needs most of our client’s attention first.

Individual Reports

Smaller competitive field? Need specific insights?
Not to worry. We offer individual reports at $25 SGD NETT each.

The Full Suite

Want the full suite of reports? Awesome.
Contact us to discuss price plans of the full suite, based your company's needs.